Tuesday, March 7, 2017


      This is a bike tour from Memphis to Hendersonville.  The general plan is to drive from Hendersonville on Friday June 9'th to Memphis and then pedal back to Hendersonville doing 50 to 60 miles a day and returning about six days after the start.  

      The bicyclists would have a SAG wagon that would be available for emergencies and carrying gear and/or tired bicyclists.  Bicyclists would take turns driving the SAG for approximately 15 miles each day.  In the evening all will stay in motels either in shared or private rooms.  Although there may be some speedy participants, it is estimated that the average speed will be around 10 mph with frequent stops to take in points of interest.

      While in Memphis the group would ride across the new Big River Bridge (see the video on this website).

     The pages on this website provide daily RideWithGPS maps, a video of trail to and over the Big River Bridge, a bike map of Memphis, and lodging plans.

Ride from Memphis Hendersonville Participants, Initials only

If you plan to go be sure your initials are on the list.  

SEE MEMPHIS page on this blog for map and 
hyperlinks about following.

Everyone will be arriving at different times throughout the afternoon.  At some point, the plan is to hit the Flying Saucer, which is very near the hotel, for dinner and drinks.  Beale Street following is optional .

Saturday morning, we will ride from the hotel at 8:00AM.  There are two route options, but they travel some of the same roads.  We also will be stopping at the same spot for some lunch and beverage, the Shelby Forest Grocery Store.

After the ride, we will have our recovery happy hour somewhere in the hotel, which is to be determined.

Saturday night, we will have dinner at the Rendezvous Restaurant.  The best ribs served on the finest paper plates.   Beale Street is optional again Saturday night.